Samario’s – Scranton

Samario’s – Great Old Forge Pizza Outside the Pizza Capital!

Samario’s is a place that I enjoy going to for a nice sit-down dinner, but don’t frequently get the pizza there because the food is so good. I’ve reviewed their Chicago-Style Pizza before, which was both unique and excellent, but have yet to review both their Old Forge or Round pizzas. A friend of mine decided he would bring over a couple of trays for us to feast on. After rudely telling him that he couldn’t eat the pizza that he purchased and brought over until I was done photographing them with my cell phone, we quickly dug in.

As you may know from my previous reviews, Old Forge Pizza is not my favorite genre, but I do love it for what it is – a tasty treat that has helped put NEPA on the map! After looking over both pizzas and determining that they were probably both comprised of the same ingredients, just in different shapes, I decided to go for the Old Forge first. The smell resonating from the pizza was remarkable, sort of a buttery parmesan scent that was so pleasant and inviting. The first bite was excellent as the flavors and textures of the sauce lead the way. There was plenty of sauce on this pizza, which I appreciated because it was a flavorful and vibrant sauce with some slight chunkiness and consistency – AKA my favorite characteristics of a quality Old Forge sauce. The crust was light, crisp on the bottom, flavorful, and tender and I really enjoyed it. I will also say that the crust maintained its integrity – after sitting for several hours it didn’t get soggy or chewy. Finally, the …read more