Tony Hale Would Never Let Selena Be Seen Eating Pizza on ‘Veep’

Tony Hale is the Emmy-award winning actor behind two of the funniest characters to have ever graced television screens: Gary Walsh, the meek and excessively servile hand to the President on Veep and the neurotic and socially awkward Buster Bluth on Arrested Development. When the cameras stop rolling, he’s goofing around in LA with his local barista, drinking custom Chinatown tea blends, and trying not to self-destruct from eating thousands of grapes. Did we mention he’s also so deeply in tune with Gary that he knows exactly how he’d respond in just about every situation? It’s the magic of Veep (back April 24 on HBO), to be sure—but mostly of Hale.

What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge right now?
Instead of coffee, there’s a tea I drink every morning that has become a family joke. About 15 years ago, when I was living in New York, I found myself getting sick a lot, so a friend recommended I go to Lin Sister Herb Shop in Chinatown. They listened to my pulse, checked my tongue, combined various herbs, and instructed me to steep and drink their tea every morning. My wife gags at it; it really tastes like dirt, but basically it’s my morning Starbucks. Sometimes I put it in people’s drinks and say it’s coffee just to see them gag. But it works: I haven’t gotten sick in years.

Your Instagram has funny, messed-up latte art from “Barista Chase.” What’s the backstory? Who is Chase?
If I don’t have anything planned for the day, I’ll go to Coffee by the Books after I take my daughter to school. I’ll have a half caf or a decaf almond milk latte. Chase, the barista, makes me laugh because he’ll put up a drink and joke …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit