All the Restaurants, Bars, and Coffee Shops from Our Travel Issue

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12 Steps Down
Address: 831 Christian St.
Phone: 215-238-0379

Ba Le Bakery
Address: 606 Washington Ave.
Phone: 215-389-4350

Address: 900 S. 15th St.
Phone: 215-339-5177

Cafe Diem
Address: 1031 S. 8th St.
Phone: 215-923-8347

Cannuli’s House of Pork
Address: 937 S. 9th St.
Phone: 267-296-4090

Cappucio’s Meats
Address: 1019 S. 9th St.
Phone: 215-922-5792

Federal Donuts
For restaurant locations, go to federaldonuts.com.

Fette Sau
Address: 1208 Frankford Ave.
Phone: 215-391-4888;

Frankford Hall
Address: 1210 Frankford Ave.
Phone: 215-634-3338;

Hungry Pigeon
Address: 743 S. 4th St.
Phone: 215-278-2736

Kensington Quarters
Address: 1310 Frankford Ave.
Phone: 267-314-5086

La Colombe
For restaurant locations, go to lacolombe.com.

Locust Bar
Address: 235 S. 10th St.
Phone: 215-925-2191

Menagerie Coffee
Address: 18 S. 3rd St.

Philly Style Bagels
Address: 1451 E. Columbia Ave.

Pizza Brain
Address: 2313 Frankford Ave.
Phone: 215-291-2965

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar
Address: 1200 E. Passyunk Ave.
Phone: 215-365-1169

Rittenhouse Square Hotel
Address: 1715 Rittenhouse Square
Phone: 215-546-6500

South Philly Barbacoa
Address: 1703 S. 11th St.
Phone: (215) 694-3797

Address: 1838 E. Passyunk Ave.
Phone: 215-309-2761

Tortilleria San Roman
Address: 951 S. 9th St.
Phone: 267-507-9161

Ultimo Coffee Bar
Address: 1900 S. 15th St.
Phone: 215-339-5177

Vernick Food and Drink
Address: 2031 Walnut St.
Phone: 267-639-6644

Address: 237 St. James Pl.
Phone: 215-625-8800

San Gabriel Valley, California

Beijing Pie House
Address: 846 E. Garvey Ave.
Phone: 626-288-3818

Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine
Address: 19 S. Garfield Ave., Unit A
Phone: 626-282-4477

Chengdu Taste
Address: 828 W. Valley Blvd.
Phone: 626-588-2284

China Tasty
Address: 1308 E. Valley Blvd.
Phone: 626-457-8483

Colonia Publica
Address: 6717 Greenleaf Ave.
Phone: 562-693-2621

Daw Yee
Address: 111 N. Rural Dr.
Phone: 626-573-8080

Din Tai Fung
Address: 1108 S. Baldwin Ave.
Phone: 626-574-7068

Address: 700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Phone: 626-282-9998

Emperor Noodle
Address: 800 W. Las Tunas …read more

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