16 Lessons I Learned from a Year of Traveling (and Eating) Around the World


Welcome to Eat Like a Local! From late-night burgers in Nashville to a life-changing date shake in Palm Springs, we traveled across the U.S. to find the spots that are really hitting home.

Like you, I believe the only thing as fun as food is travel. It’s why I comb Chowhound boards at 3 a.m. for secret street food. It’s why I refuse to order room service—because, duh, I didn’t fly halfway around the world for a club sandwich. And it’s why I recently spent a year traveling with my boyfriend in 17 countries throughout Asia and Australia. In 365 days of face stuffing, we tucked into thousands of meals, the lion’s share of which were incredible (and we didn’t get sick once!). But you don’t have to travel for a full year, or even close to that, to get more out of your gastronomic adventuring. Let our journey be your guide.

1. Go out of your way for your next great meal
It took half a day to get to Chiba, Japan, to eat at Jiji no Ie Country Inn, but the payoff was a ten-course feast paired with locally fermented sake by macrobiotic goddess Deco Nakajima. Another time we took three planes to Tasmania to see if the land of whisky and leatherwood honey measured up. (Spoiler: It did!) These were long hauls, sure, but also among our best memories from the year.

2. With lodging, book a high-low combo
We offset one indulgent night at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, enjoying a pool the size of Rhode Island, with a week at a homestay in rural Alappuzha, where we took cold-water bucket baths, then ate paratha made by hand and cooked over a fire.

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