Goodman Hots & Pizzeria

Way back when, there was a place called Al’s Green Pizzeria, on North Goodman Street in Rochester. It was connected, literally, physically, to Al’s Green Tavern next door.
I used to think it was Al Green’s Tavern, but no, it was Al’s Green Tavern. I’d love to uncover the history behind it, but as far as I know, it was so called because the building was painted green. And apparently it went back a long way, as evidenced by some photos I’ve found.
I stopped into Al’s Green Tavern many years ago, maybe around 2000, give or take a few. I remember it being about as divey as a dive bar can get. Not a modern, pretend dive, with hipsters drinking cheap cans of PBR. I mean a true dive, the kind of place where old drunks go to drink themselves into oblivion and to rot out what remains of their livers, and where it looks like midnight even at noon.
At the time, which must have been long after the bar’s heyday, there was also a vague sense of menace. It felt like one of those saloons you see in Western movies, the kind of place where John Wayne or Clint Eastwood couldn’t finish one drink before trouble erupted, which usually ended up with somebody lying on the floor with a bullet in him.
Now maybe some of my memory of that visit has become a bit colored over time. But apparently I wasn’t totally off base in feeling that way. Let me explain.
Eventually, one of the owners of Al’s was charged with crimes, and ended up pleading guilty. According to this story, the bar itself was the site of some related illegal activity. In short, it wasn’t a place you …read more

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