7 Ways Yams Can Be So Damn Sexy


It’s become painstakingly obvious that kale is so over. Just look at those curly leaves, tough stems, and that dark green color. Kale is like Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake: So 2012. A new vegetable is all the rage these days: Yams. Aside from being extremely versatile, yams can be a game changer at the dinner table…and in the bedroom. In anticipation of the new season of Netflix’s original series Grace and Frankie, where yams become a hot commodity (let your imagination run wild here…), we’ve decided to do a little research on this new trend. Jam-packed with some surprising health benefits, see below why we think they’re so damn sexy.

They’ll keep colds from ruining your fun.
Citrus salsa served along with these roasted yams packs a double-punch of Vitamin C. With all that Vitamin C, yams can help fight off colds—which means less time blowing your nose at night—and much more time for those night moves in the boudoir.

They’re the most delicious anti-aging treatment.
See that orange color? Like we said, yams are PACKED with Vitamin C, which also has anti-aging properties. That means eating yams is basically the most delicious solution for keeping your skin smooth and wrinkle-free.


You’ll be game for some afternoon delight.
Start the day off right with a hearty breakfast that won’t give you a sugar crash. Yams’ glycemic level is much lower than standard potatoes, which means you won’t get that pesky afternoon fatigue after you eat them. Your stamina will thank you.


They’ll get you in the mood.
Yams can put anyone in a good mood …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit