GioVanna’s, Geneseo

On a recent Sunday, my wife, daughter and I went to the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, which is just west of Geneseo. This is the place where they bake Monks’ Bread. It’s an active, living monastery, where the brothers devote their lives to the monastic life, which means round-the-clock work and prayer.
Regardless of your religious beliefs, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Guests are welcome to sit in on services, or just to wander the grounds. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place. (Plus the gift shop often has bread or other baked goods you won’t find at other retail outlets.)
Afterwards, we had lunch at GioVanna’s in Geneseo. I thought I had done a post on GioVanna’s before, but I guess not.
GioVanna’s had been located in the Genesee Valley Plaza, a few doors down from the Geneseo Wegmans. That’s when I visited it before. It’s owned and operated by John Pontillo and his wife Jennifer, and yes, they are part of the Pontillo family for whom the local chain was named. (Ironically, as far as I know, there is no longer any pizzeria named Pontillo’s that is owned by an actual Pontillo. It’s a long story.)
Recently, GioVanna’s moved across the street and down the road. In doing so, they added a lot more seating (from about 12 to 100), and a wood-fired pizza oven.
On our visit, we sat at the bar, where we could watch our pizzas being prepared. We ordered two pies, a “Pizza Bruschetta” and a “White Traditional.”
GioVanna’s actually has two pizza ovens, one wood-fired and a conventional gas oven. I asked John about this, and he told me that if you want a wood-fired pizza, you need to …read more

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