Review: Rize Pizza, Broomall, PA

Most of my pizza-eating lifetime has involved pies made in a round shape. There was the occasional diversion to a rectangular Sicilian style pie, but most pizza has been round, even the From http://rizepizza.com/gallery/

But in contrast to that longer time period, so many of my recent pizza discoveries have involved thicker-crust rectangle pies. I’m not sure if the current trend is a revival of the simple tradition of home-style pan-baked square pies, or other mysterious market forces. But when I counted up the best pizzas I found in 2015, four of the top six were rectangles.

I’m happy to report that the trend continues, strongly, into 2016. The newest contender is Rize Pizza, a small narrow space tucked into an aging strip mall in Broomall, PA (not far from Philly).

Rize seemed promising to me because, like the good folks at Denino’s in Staten Island, it’s all about the crust. Good pizza begins – and ends – with the crust. I also heard the term “al taglio” and wondered if indeed this was true Roman style pie.

Wall decor at Rize

The Rize website shows two pizza styles available as whole pies or by the slice:

1. “Rize Crust” – square and airy which we let rize for 2-3 hours

2. Traditional Neapolitan Crust – thinner and round like a traditional Neapolitan pie

Jim and Julia, Rize owners

We arrived around 7:30 on a weeknight, and we had about four different square pies from which to select slices, and one plain round pie. We chose to sample three different kinds of square slices and one slice from the round pizza.

The Rize interior is typical strip …read more

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