Mooney’s, LeRoy: Beef on Weck Pizza

LeRoy is about at the outer limit of what I would consider the Rochester area, pizzawise. And upon my recent discovery that there were no less than three pizzerias in LeRoy that I hadn’t been to, I knew I had to go there.
I’ll get to the other two, at some later date, but we’ll start with Mooney’s. It’s in a building just north of the railroad tracks, which I’m informed by a very helpful person at the LeRoy Historical Society was once owned by a company known as LeRoy Transfer and Storage. Presumably the building was basically a privately-owned freight depot. (LeRoy was quite the railroad town back in the day, I guess, with three roads passing through town.)
Many times I like me a good old, plain cheese pizza, or a simple Margherita. But on occasion, I have a taste for the unusual. On this occasion, I couldn’t resist trying Mooney’s beef on weck pizza. The menu describes it as topped with “roast beef, kosher salt, caraway seeds, au jus sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with a horseradish sauce.”
I’ve seen references to Buffalo-area pizzerias that offer beef on weck pizza, but Mooney’s is the nearest I’ve seen around Rochester. Probably that reflects the fact that Mooney’s other five locations are all in suburban Buffalo.
Mooney’s pizza only comes in two sizes, “huge” and PFO (pizza for one). Since my daughter didn’t want pizza, I got a PFO.
My dinner-plate size pie had a very thin crust. It was browned, crisp and crunchy, though it retained some pliability toward the center. The underside was moderately browned, and dry to the touch, with just a hint of oil. The top side was likewise well cooked, with cheese that was considerably browned.
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