Review: Lorenzo and Sons Pizza, West Chester PA

Philadelphia is one of the truly great pizza towns. While there may not be an iconic “Philly style” pizza (other than a Philly tomato pie – details Monster slices at Lorenzo & Sons, West Chester

Just ten years ago, Philly trailed nearby Trenton NJ (home to a completely different kind of tomato pie), but the exodus of the great pie makers from Trenton has let Philly pass it by as the top Delaware Valley destination.

Philly has only one legendary pizza joint – the venerable Tacconelli’s in Port Richmond. But many of the brightest stars of the Pizza Renaissance call Philadelphia home: Beddia, Pizzeria Vetri, Capofitto, Gennaro’s, Zavino, Slice, Osteria, Nomad.

There are some stalwart slice joints, too. One is Lorenzo’s Pizza, located on Christian Street in the Italian Market. Another is Lorenzo and Sons, on South Street. For years, I’ve confused these two Philly pizzerias with similar names. (And let’s not even bring Trenton legend DeLorenzo’s into the discussion.)

The Philly Taco

Both are famous for big slices of thin New York style pizza, often served to drunks in the wee hours of the morning. The bigger slices at Lorenzo and Sons are used for the awful “Philly Taco” by which a cheesesteak sandwich is rolled up in a slice of pizza, taco style.

A beautiful char on our slice at Lorenzo’s Pizza in Philly’s Italian Market

About a year ago, we visited Lorenzo’s in the Italian Market, and we loved the $2 slice there. It was a near-perfect rendition of an uncomplicated New York slice. …read more

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