John and Mary’s, Batavia

A few weeks ago I was in the Batavia area, so I stopped in to John and Mary’s for a slice. I’ve seen the name before, but knew little of the history or the details of this place, which has several Buffalo-area locations.
The Batavia location apparently opened in 2014, but according to one site, John and Mary’s traces its origins back to a hot dog stand opened in 1952 by John and Mary Guida. I don’t see any connection to the Rochester-area Guida’s pizzeria chain, and my pepperoni slice was dissimilar from the pizza I’ve had from Guida’s.
This slice, which I had rewarmed in the oven, was on the thick side. From the appearance of the underside, which was a spotty mix of golden-brown and paler areas, it looked to have been baked in a pan. It was faintly oily to the touch, which also suggests the use of a pan.
The bottom surface wasn’t overly oily (although it did leave a sizable oil mark in the box, so maybe the box had absorbed some of the oil), but it was more crunchy than crisp. When dough is baked directly on a hot oven deck or pizza stone, it tends to get crackly crisp. On an oiled pan, it tends to develop more of a crunch, especially where the dough is in directly contact with the pan.
On top, the mozzarella cheese was nicely melted. It was generously added, in good balance with the thick crust. I liked its smooth, stringy-stretchy texture, though it didn’t add much flavor. A bit of Provolone or Romano would’ve been a welcome addition.
The sauce wasn’t skimpy, but it was a relatively minor player. Some of it had been absorbed into the top of the crust. What remained seemed to be a pretty …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza