Zoe Saldana Knows the One Food You Shouldn’t Eat While Painted Green


It’s not easy being green. Zoe Saldana learned that on the set of the 2014 Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, where the body paint required to portray alien assassin Gamora made lunch breaks especially tricky. “I love ramen, but you know the broth is going to drip, especially if you’re hungry,” the actress says. “The camera was set and the crew was waiting, and half of my chin was gone! The prosthetics team was having a meltdown.” Saldana—who also played legendary jazz singer Nina Simone earlier this year (that’s her on the pin below) and who will star as communications officer Uhura in Star Trek Beyond this month—now falls back on her Guardians snacking mantra: “My makeup artist would come into my trailer and say, ‘Okay, I saw you walk by with that big plate of fish and chips. Please…be graceful.’” More of our conversation with Saldana straight ahead:

Do you like to cook?
I feel like a home-cooked meal is better than anything in the world. The older I get, the more I enjoy the company—the bonding, the interacting with people.

When people say, ‘Zoe’s cooking tonight!’ what are they expecting from you?
I’m not known for the meats that I cook. I get pretty creative with eggs. Sometimes I’ll make panini, and I’ll buy a whole bunch of awesome cold cuts.

What’s your perfect panini?
My husband just loves cured meats. So I’ll get bresaola and another thick salami from a local farm, or really good organic turkey breast. And cheeses. I’m 80 percent gluten-free, and so is my family, so I get different types of bread and arrange everything on the table like a beautiful feast. I get the panini makers out and everyone makes their own sandwiches.

Photo: Alex Lau

Does being 80 percent gluten-free mean there’s some type of food that you …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit