Pizza Heaven – Luzerne

Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza So Light, You’ll Feel Like You’re in Heaven

I first became aware of Pizza Heaven a couple of years ago, when a reader emailed me to let me know about the place, and several more people suggested that I try the place out after the initial suggestion. Pizza Heaven really jumped on my radar when they joined the field of 64 in the 2016 NEPA Pizza Madness tournament and won the whole tournament! I will be writing a separate feature to tell you more about PH’s victory and background, so in this article I want to give you an honest review about the pizza itself.

As I drove into Luzerne and approached Pizza Heaven, I noticed they were proudly displaying a custom banner on the side of the building thanking their customers for helping them win the NEPA Pizza Madness Championship. I also noted a neat sign on the sidewalk which read “We don’t have wifi, we talk to each other.” I thought, what a cool statement to make. I also thought, this place must be a little different from the rest, and when I walked in I felt the difference. The place was filled with smiling, chatting people, who were visiting other tables, catching up with friends, hugging, shaking hands, and they all offered a welcoming glance to a nerdy guy walking in with a giant 2′ x 3′ sign and taking in all the unfamiliar, yet comfortable surroundings. The whole atmosphere sort of reminded me of the old Olive Garden commercials with the “when you’re here, you’re family” slogan, and it was pretty cool!

I placed my order for a whole pizza, half with onions, half without so I could try a …read more