Restaurants Are Cashing In on Pokémon Go Madness


“It’s a beautiful day for retail—and for Pokémon,” said Derek Fridman, group creative director of Huge Atlanta, a digital agency that happens to run a public-facing coffee shop (Huge Cafe) in a perfect location…across the street from two Pokémon Go PokeStops.

If your feeds haven’t been blowing up with adults going bonkers for a new smartphone-based, virtual reality-esque new Pokémon game called Pokémon Go, you are lucky. The rest of us have not been able to escape friends looking down at their phones and taking the least inefficient footpaths from point A to point B just so they can collect items at designated PokeStops and eventually catch ’em all.

A pokémon, Krabby, appears at Le District in New York. Photo: Wajeeha Ansari

But Fridman and Michael Koziol, president of Huge, aren’t mad about it. Instead, they are eagerly awaiting today’s lunch rush, when a gaggle of workers from the 13th floor of the bank across the street will drop by, catch some Pokémon at the cafe, and probably leave with a few extra coffees and pastries.

Fridman and Koziol paid $49 in real currency to buy in-game “coins” and traded those in for 40 in-game “lures,” in-game modules that serve as a smoke-signals to attract Pokémon and users. They attach those lures to the PokeStops across the street—each Lure works for 30 minutes, attracting rarer and more powerful Pokémon to the area. Where the hard-to-find Pokémon go, Pokémon Go players go for glory (and buy things). “We’re expecting a good turnout today,” Fridman said.

From outside the restaurant where we ate dinner tonight. There was a Pokestop next door with lure constantly active. pic.twitter.com/cfQ05yIdl8

— Steve Lubitz (@WickedGood) July 11, 2016

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