Fiamma: Montanara Pizza

Even at pizzerias with long lists of specialty pies, you don’t often see potato pizza among them. When you do, it’s apt to be of the “stuffed potato” variety, loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and whatnot. To me that’s overkill, and I generally avoid that kind of pizza. I don’t even like my potatoes that way.
But there is an Italian tradition of adding potatoes to pizza. And Fiamma, one of my favorite pizzerias, offers its version, which I tried recently.

During a recent lunch visit with two friends, I ordered Fiamma’s Montanara pizza. I’d seen it on the menu and been wanting to try it for some time. The Montanara is topped with smoked mozzarella, sliced potato, crumbled sausage and porcini mushrooms.
(As an aside, I should mention that I’ve seen the term “montanara” applied to pizza with a fried crust, typically topped with a tomato-based sauce. This was neither.)
Now I would not ordinarily order a pizza with mushrooms. There aren’t many pizza toppings I shy away from, but mushrooms are one of them. I just don’t like mushrooms, mostly because of their texture.
But another principle I tend to follow is that at certain restaurants, I trust the chef. I don’t think chefs should refuse reasonable customer requests to alter a dish slightly, but after all the fine pizza I’ve had at Fiamma, I figure, either get it as described, or don’t get it at all. That’s
particularly true if I’m going to review it on the blog. So I ordered the Montanara, mushrooms and all.
As usual, I’ll start with the crust. There’s not much I can say beyond what I’ve said before about Fiamma’s consistently …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza