La Paloma, Alden

Always on the lookout for pizzerias I haven’t been to, I stopped recently at La Paloma in Alden, which is about an hour west of Rochester. No, I didn’t drive all that way just to go to La Paloma. I happened to be in the area, and I was hungry, so when I saw that magic word, “Pizzeria,” well, …
I got two pepperoni slices. They were average size, and what I’d call medium to thick. The undersides had a pancake-like appearance, but were reasonably crisp and not oily to the touch. The crust was OK, with a nice chew and a hint of fresh bread in the aroma. The cornicione was crunchy, with a toasty flavor.
The slices were topped with a fairly thick layer of mozzarella, which was nicely melted, if a bit congealed. It was applied in good proportion to the thick crust. The sauce, however, seemed to get a little lost between the crust and the cheese. To the extent that I could taste it, it seemed like a pretty basic, mildly flavored tomato sauce, a little sweet but not overly so. The pepperoni was fine, if unremarkable. A faint hint of oregano on my palate rounded things out.
La Paloma’s menu includes pizza, pasta, subs, wings, and salads. No specialty pizzas, but they do offer 18 pizza toppings, and white or red sauce.
“Square” pizza seems to be something of a specialty at La Paloma. Their website says that they are “the only place in town to get 4 different size square pizza’s [sic] if you like a thick crust square is the way to go.”
I just stopped in for a couple of slices, so I chose from what was available, none of which was square. Even these …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza