1980 was the year I discovered the impeccable tomato pie at Conte’s sausage pizza

I doubt that I even had the pizza on my first few visits – our meager funds were designated for pitchers of cheap domestic beer (probably Rolling Rock, which is still on tap at Conte’s). The pizza, once I tried it, was the exact style that I prefer, with a thin and crisp crust. It remained a favorite of mine through 1987, when I moved away from the Trenton area to Pennsylvania.

Princeton U, 5 minutes away

I returned only once since then, probably around 2005. I was comforted by how little Conte’s had changed – and by how the pizza was still excellent. Princeton is a long trip from home now, but we recently took some international visitors to tour the University, which provided the ideal chance to get back to Conte’s for my first visit since starting this blog in 2011.

Note the glass block bar on left

What I loved about Conte’s in 1980 was its authentically retro feel. A step inside Conte’s is a step back in time, and I was delighted to discover in 2016 that the building remains the same, inside and out. Conte’s history as a pizzeria goes back to 1950, per their website:

Conte’s began in 1936, when Sebastiano Conte opened the Witherspoon Bar on the current site. Conte, born in 1895, came from the island of Ischia in 1920. Princeton’s first pizza was served at Conte’s bar on October 13, 1950. Conte’s traditional thin crust traces back to a NY baker who took the train to Princeton every day. Mr. Conte would pick him up every day …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote