Secret Pizza In Vegas


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… right? So am I allowed to tell you about some pizza I had there?

Okay… but shhhhhh. It’s a secret.

Wander down a non-descript hallway on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel — just a 60 second walk from the hustle and bustle of slot machines and black jack tables — and you’ll be transported to a haven of sauce and cheese. Whether you’ll want to go “all in” on these pies is another story…

Now that this thing called the internet exists… finding speakeasies and hidden food spots is easier than ever (in fact, one could make the case the such establishments don’t even actually exist anymore). Sure, part of the allure of Secret Pizza (3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd) is that there is no signage and that the establishment doesn’t have a true website. But leave it to me… or Yelp… or any employee at the Cosmopolitan who will gladly direct you to Secret Pizza… and ruin all the fun.

So where were we? Oh yea… take the elevator to the 3rd floor and when you get off, look to your right. You’ll see the hallway in the photo above. It’s fun wandering down, especially after a couple of drinks, without knowing what you’ll find at the end. Spoiler: It’s a pizzeria!




On the Wednesday night I was there, about 10 people were in line. But I imagine on the weekends, the line stretches down the hallway (although isn’t every night a weekend in Vegas?). I also imagine that the later you go, the more sad raunchy drunk _______ (fill in your own adjective, Mad Lib style) the crowd will be. Vegas is great for people watching. …read more

Source:: I Dream of Pizza