Jessica Biel on Her Son’s Favorite Menu Item at Au Fudge, Her Kid-Friendly Restaurant

There was a time when dining out with children meant a memorable evening with Chuck E. Cheese or entrées served with a side of meltdown. “It was always one or the other,” says actress Jessica Biel, a partner in the recently opened West Hollywood restaurant Au Fudge. Biel describes her family-friendly spot as a “safe haven” where youngsters can scream their heads off—but probably won’t need to, thanks to arts and crafts, old-school video games like Zelda, on-call au pairs, and weekend classes on pie baking and Lego robotics. The dinner menu has everyone covered too, catering to palates both advanced (mussels with chorizo broth) and developing (mac and cheese, a favorite of Biel and husband Justin Timberlake’s 16-month-old son, Silas). And the build-your-own-sundae dessert is, of course, appropriate for all ages. “I go straight for the vanilla ice cream,” says Biel. “Oh, and chocolate sauce. So much chocolate sauce. And a cherry on top—but just for the look.”

How did Au Fudge, your kid-friendly West Hollywood restaurant, come about?
About four years ago, two of my partners—Estee Stanley and Kimberly Muller—who were just my friends at the time, had kids. We were always trying to figure out how we could go out and have their families come along. It’s always one or the other: some crappy kids’ place where they only serve pizza, or a nice place where the kids are going crazy at the table and the other diners are bummed out. We ended up just not going anywhere. That’s how the idea sparked. They said, “Why isn’t there a place we can go, bring our families, and have a great experience?”

What did you bring to the table?
They came to me because I was messing around with nontraditional baking techniques—adding fermented foods into cakes …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit