Nacho “Boats,” Bento Tacos, and Other Tricks for Acing Family Meals  


Back to school means back to finding time to make dinner while coordinating carpools and helping with homework. And come morning, you have to pack lunches while trying to get everyone to eat breakfast. Sound tough? It doesn’t have to be. You can get all three meals on the table in less time with these savvy tips.

Guac and Roll
There’s nothing wrong with cereal in the mornings, but breakfast burritos are heartier and easier to eat on the go. Take advantage of a lazy Sunday to make a big batch, then freeze them in Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil for hectic weekday mornings. Burrito should be removed from the foil and wrapped in a damp paper towel before reheating them in the microwave. Let them cool for a minute or two, then add guacamole, salsa, or sour cream.

Know When to Fold ‘Em
Make mornings a breeze by cooking bacon on a piece of Reynolds’ Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil that’s been folded into an accordion shape. Set it on a foil-lined baking sheet and roast at 400°F until browned, then drain it on a paper-towel–lined plate. Cooking your bacon this way lets both sides get crispy without having to flip the strips—goodbye, grease stains!—and there’s no mess to clean afterward.

Go your Separate Ways
Man cannot live on bread alone—and kids can’t keep eating PB&Js day in and day out. Change things up by turning a plastic container into a bento box. Use foil to make separate compartments, then fill them with crackers, cheese, a hardboiled egg, and fruit, or taco fixings (think ground beef, shredded cheddar, chopped tomatoes, and black bean and corn salsa). You’ll never have to cut off another crust again.

Get your Piece of the Pie
The next time you order too much pizza after soccer practice, wrap the leftover …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit