Wiseguy NY Pizza – Washington DC

NEPA goes to DC!

I know that I’m the NEPA Pizza Review, but I couldn’t resist going on a pizza binge on a recent family trip to Washington DC! After walking miles and miles, I found DC didn’t have the quantity of pizzerias that New York City had, but with some heavy walking and metro use, I was able to hit quite a few spots. Yes I felt totally gross after eating all that pizza (including 5 different pizzas in less than 3 hours!), but I felt an obligation to keep going so that I could report back to the 570 to let you know how our pizza stacks up against our nation’s capital.

After spending a long weekend in New York City and then another in Washington DC, I can safely conclude that I feel that NYC is the far superior city in just about every way, so you can imagine I wanted to put a pizzeria who claimed to offer great NY style pizza in DC to the test. Even though I didn’t have a ton of success after trying 9 pizzerias in New York City, I was optimistic about this place after my treacherous walk through Chinatown. For the record, I don’t recommend walking through that area very late at night as I did as it seemed to get more shady and less safe the further I walked. Anyway, I finally arrived to try the pizza after shaking a few guys asking for cigarettes and change. I found that the Wise Guys provided a generous slice of pizza for the money and that they had a pretty good selection of gourmet and topped pizzas ready by the slice. The slice that I chose already looked fresh and hot, but the …read more