Artisan Pizza Made by Robots


When I met Julia Collins at the International Pizza Expo, it was like an explosion. When we met on the tradeshow floor, which is a space for particles to constantly collide, she introduced herself as the founder of the world’s first robotic pizzeria. I was all ears. She described a futuristic world where pizza is available on-demand and comes out of the oven moments before it arrives on your doorstep. Then she told me Zume Pizza was already operational in Mountain View, CA and that I should come out and take a look. Never one to miss an exciting new pizzeria format, I hopped on a plane and headed west to check it out.

Hindsight being what it is, I really wish I had taken more pictures. The problem is we’re so programmed to photograph things that look unique and interesting, not boring looking office buildings. Because that’s exactly where Zume is located. And that’s exactly what makes Zume so interesting. It isn’t a pizzeria at all. In fact, it completely turns the concept of a traditional pizzeria on its head.


Most pizzerias bake their products in a pizzeria where you can walk in, dine in, take out, or request delivery. You order a pizza, they bake it, then they bring it to you. That model has been around since the 1960s but we’re sitting here in 2016 with life just passing us by… a life where robots can do anything. Zume ignores the concept of a central pizzeria where you walk in and place an order. Instead, the plan is to coordinate a series of commissaries constantly prepping and par-baking pizzas. Those pies get loaded into trucks armed with dozens of custom-built pizza ovens.

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Source:: Scott Pizza Tours