A Veggie-Loaded Pizza You Can Actually Make on a Weeknight


Welcome to Cooking Without Recipes, in which we teach you how to make a dish we love, but don’t worry too much about the nitty-gritty details of the recipe, so you can create your own spin. Every day this week, we’ll be bringing you a healthy-ish dish that’s quick enough for even the busiest weeknights. Today, contributing assistant food editor Amelia Rampe does pizza on a school night.

When back to school season hits, meal planning for the week becomes especially important in my household as all of our crazy-busy schedules conflict. I love this pizza recipe because it’s a great way to use up some of the beautiful end-of-summer produce that’s everywhere right now, I can feel good about feeding my kids a healthful dinner that they also love to eat, and it’s so easy my teenage daughter can make it when I’m running late from work. I make many variations of this pizza throughout the year using different combos of veggies and meat, but this vegetarian version is the one I love most in late summer:

Place rack in upper third of your oven and preheat to 450° degrees. Coat a large rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray. Use your fingers to spread a package of room-temperature store bought pizza dough (I love the ones in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods) so it covers the entire sheet. Lightly coat the surface of the dough with some extra virgin olive oil.

Spread ¼ cup of tomato sauce (marinara or pizza sauce work, too) over the dough and season with salt and pepper. Top with some chopped spinach and cover with 1½ cups of mozzarella (save some time by using the pre-shredded kind) and ¼ cup grated Parmesan. Add a layer of thinly sliced heirloom tomatoes, a couple …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit