Feature Story: Norma’s Pizza, Manheim PA (Roots Country Market)

Disclaimer: This is not an objective review. After three visits to Norma’s Pizza, I’m both a fan and a friend. My wife and I got to visit Norma on her Saturday “day off” when she was preparing dough for her regular Tuesday sale day (Roots Market is open only on Tuesdays).

Boardwalk pizza

Although Roots the Market was closed, there was a huge Arts & Crafts Fair being held on the grounds over the long Labor Day weekend. The arts fair was kind of fun, but it was our 90 minutes with Norma that made the 3-hour round trip worthwhile.

Snipping the basil

In previous visits, I had sampled (and loved) her “Boardwalk” style pizza, which also later doubled as her “New York” style pizza that won her the Caputo Cup and great acclaim. Just as wonderful, though, was her Detroit style pie, a thick but airy crust baked in a deep square pan with its cheese, topped with tomato sauce only after it comes out of the oven, then cut into just 4 rare and wonderful rectangles. See all the pics and review HERE.

Detroit pizza from prior visit

We didn’t give Norma much advance notice that we would be at the Craft Fair, but she graciously offered to have us enter the empty market so that she could make some pizza for us. The dough was a day or two short of its ideal rise time, we learned.

Mrs. PQ slicing the first pie

First, she made her signature boardwalk pie, and topped it with a special variety of spicy cup pepperoni. Beyond its perfect (yes, literally perfect) crust that was crisp, yet airy with great hole …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote