8 New Nonfiction Food Books to Read this Fall

Tastes LIke Chicken 1

Fall: It’s the season for drinking chai tea, doubling down on chunky sweaters, and really settling into your reading nook with an extra large blanket available to you at all times. Here are some upcoming food books (these are not cookbooks) to keep that blanket company:

Tastes Like Chicken by Emelyn Rude (Out Now)
Americans eat 73.1 million pounds of chicken every day. But it wasn’t always like that—just a few generations ago, families were consuming less than 10 pounds a year. So what gives? Emelyn Rude explores how our poultry passion came to be, from ancient Rome to modern day. That’s right—those omnipresent family-size shrink-wrapped supermarket chicken breast staples haven’t just always been there since the dawn of time.


Generation Chef by Karen Stabiner (September 13)
Jonah Miller started on the line when he was a teenager. So by the time he reached his mid-twenties, he (thought he) was ready to open a restaurant of his own. Journalist Karen Stabiner trails Miller as he jumps through the many hoops of opening Huertas, a Basque-inspired restaurant in New York’s East Village. Ever wonder exactly why so many new restaurants fail? Huertas is still open, but after reading what goes into opening a new place, it’s easy to see why so many others fail.


Ten Restaurants That Changed America by Paul Freedman (September 20)
Sure, if you’ve ever read, say, more than three articles about food, you’ve probably heard of Chez Panisse. But what about Schrafft’s? Mamma Leone’s? Freedman takes a 500-page dive into the restaurant history of America. Think of this as …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit