17 Tips for Faster, Healthier, and Easier Weeknight Dinners


Putting together a week’s worth of healthy, fast meals requires a fair amount of planning ahead. Otherwise, a typical weeknight dinner scenario might unfold like this:

3 p.m. Decide on a way-too-complicated recipe to make for dinner that night, because you have just had your afternoon snack and are feeling invincible.

6 p.m. Go the the grocery store and buy all the ingredients you need. This inevitably takes a full hour.

7 p.m.
Come home, unpack the groceries, and start chopping things.

9 p.m.

Why does this keep happening to us? And how do some people seem to have this all figured out? Over the years, our staffers have gathered an arsenal of tips and tricks we rely on to get nutritious and fast dinners on the table Monday through Friday without elaborate Sunday night preparations—read on for some of our favorites:

• Cook grains in large batches. It’s just as easy to make three cups of rice (or barley, or farro, or quinoa) as it is one, and it feels like a gift you’ve given yourself when you get home and open the fridge and realize you have something already prepared in there. Eat them on the side with a quick-cooking protein, use them to bolster a salad, or turn them into a late-in-the-week stir-fry. Oh, and let’s not forget all of the fried rice options out there.

• Buy two or three bunches of herbs (cilantro, mint, parsley, basil) over the weekend and stem, wash, dry, and bag them while you’re watching TV. It may take a couple of episodes of Bob’s Burgers to get through, but during the week they’ll be ready to give new life to beans, grains, salads, and …read more

Source:: Bon Appetit