Book Review: The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book

We’ve all got our mental lists of things to do. Some are chores: this week I’ve gotta mow the lawn, go to the dry cleaner, etc. Some are things we want, and actually plan, to do: going to an upcoming event, perhaps, or trying that new pizza place that just opened up. And of course, there’s the bucket list: “If I live long enough, someday I will ___.”
And then there’s another list, that I’ll call the fantasy list. It’s the list of things you’d like to do, but that deep down you know you almost certainly never will.
I, for example, have a fantasy of someday visiting the Faroe Islands. (It would take too long to explain here.) I’m pretty sure I never will, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it.
And that’s more or less how I feel about a home wood-fired oven. I’d like to have one. Love one, in fact. But deep down, I know I don’t have the combination of the means, desire and know-how to get it done.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t like thinking about it. That’s why it’s a fantasy. And who knows? Things could change. Maybe I’ll finally get on Jeopardy!, win enough to pay off the mortgage and send our daughter to college, and still have enough left over to pay somebody to build me a state-of-the-art wood-fired oven, while I’m off hiking across the Faroes.
So I was happy to accept a review copy of the second edition of The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book, from Schiffer Publishing. In its 144 pages, author Anna Carpenter addresses what you need to know about designing, building and using an outdoor wood-fired oven. It’s got enough practical advice to guide you through the entire …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza