Back to Nino’s

Lately I’ve been mostly focusing on going to places I haven’t previously posted about. Mostly new places, and places some distance from Rochester.
But now and then you need to get back to basics, to the tried and true. So it was a few nights ago, when I went to Nino’s on Culver Road. I’ve written about Nino’s before, several times, but it had been years, which is far too long.
You can find some background information about Nino’s in this post, so I won’t go over that ground again. But owner Giacomo has been making his trademark focaccia and pizza in Rochester for close to four decades.
Nino’s does not deliver, but that’s a good thing, to me, because I enjoy going there.
Why? Well, there’s the place itself. If anybody ever wants to shoot a movie involving a scene in a pizzeria set in the 1970s or ’80s, this would be a good choice. Not much has changed here since 1977, including the pizza.
That’s not to say that Nino’s hasn’t kept up with the times. Giacomo showed me something on his smart phone, which was a generation or two ahead of mine. And I liked seeing an old model of one of Christopher Columbus’s ships, of a style I remember from my teenage years (I’m referring to the model, not the ship) right next to the computer.
But I particularly love going into a place where the cooler still bears the logo of Like Cola. Obviously Nino’s abides by the principle, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And Nino’s pizza doesn’t need any fixing, any more than the cooler.
I got a medium pie, which was plenty for my daughter and me (my wife was not partaking on this …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza