What Happens Behind-the-Scenes on Food Commercials


You either know Rob Huebel or you haven’t watched anything funny in the last 10 years. The League? Party Down? Human Giant? He’s everywhere. And he’s often playing the friend with no boundaries—even though he’s nothing like that in real life. In Transparent (which recently returned to Amazon for its third season), as an example, he plays Sarah’s ex, Len, a knife-waving jerk whose newest romantic prospect is a 22-year-old spin instructor. Huebel is part of the crew of comedians including Aziz Ansari (who loosely modeled a character in Master of None after Huebel) and Paul Scheer who grew up on stage at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Except he was the only one in his group of friends making any money in those early years. He did commercials.

The very first commercial he ever did was for McDonald’s French fries. “It’s ridiculous you even have to promote their French fries,” Huebel says, because everyone knows they’re awesome. He played a young dad bonding with his son over some fries. But really, “I was just there all day long eating like 800 million fries, and not getting sick of it at all, which had always been a fantasy of mine. They assume you’re going to get sick. They have a big spit bucket next to you so you say your line, smile, take a big bite, and when they go ‘CUT!’ you turn around and spit it into this big bucket… Every time you see a food commercial, assume that there’s a giant bucket offscreen.”

Before Rob Huebel was Rob Huebel, he made money acting in food commercials. Photo: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Source:: Bon Appetit