Marzano Italian Grill – Dickson City

Fast Casual Italian in Dickson City!

It seems like everyone is going “fast-casual” dining these days. Panera started it up in the Dickson City area, then Moe’s came to Clarks Summit, then came Chipotle in DC, and most recently, Marzano’s has made its foray into fast-casual Italian dining. For anyone who read my review of &Pizza in Washington DC or follows me on social media, you know that I have had a long burning desire (but not enough time) to open my own fast casual pizza shop. I believe the fast casual pizza trend is starting to catch fire and will sweep the nation in the coming years. You can imagine my excitement when I found out about Marzano’s “fast-casual Italian” style menu which included something called a “pizza-dina” which is essentially an unwrapped version of their piadina flatbread wrap (think Moe’s burrito).

I traveled to this rapidly growing area in Dickson City near the new Texas Roadhouse and Primanti Bros and decided to park in the back which is pretty convenient because you can access the restaurant from either side of the building. I entered down the hallway and checked out the assembly line and dining area. Taking a look around, I didn’t get the authentic, modern, trendy, or even upscale feel that most of the fast casual places have. I got more of a “Five Guys” vibe with some nicer tables type of a feel. The place was very clean, but I wasn’t sure that the assembly line or the dining area met the niche market that consumers (or perhaps just myself) would expect. To me, authenticity and the dining experience is a huge part of why people select fast-casual dining. Of course, these …read more