Roosevelt Beer Garden – Dunmore

Friday Nights are for Old Forge Pizza – In Dumore!!!

So I had been hearing about this place called “The Roosey” from a couple of buddies over the last few months and didn’t think much of it. I reasoned that it was probably an inside conversation about a local place that I wouldn’t ever get to, until one of my buddies informed me that the Roosevelt Beer Garden in Dunmore makes excellent pizza on Fridays only and insisted that we get there and give it a try. Of course, if you bring pizza into the picture, my answer is usually “YES.” So, I plugged The Roosey into my GPS and made the easy commute into Dunmore. The place looked pretty unassuming from the outside, a corner pub with a vintage 7-Up sign dangling in the breeze. When I entered, it had a cool throwback “Cheers” vibe where everyone seemed to know everyone else (except me of course). The gigantic, “olympic-sized” (as I called it) shuffeboard table to the side immediately caught my eye and I decided it was the best shuffleboard table I had probably ever seen.

After surveying the territory, I found my friends and sat down to discuss the pizza situation. We decided to get 2 trays of pizza, a regular tray, which is essentially an Old Forge pizza, and a Mary’s Old Fasioned Pizza, which the bartender referred to as “Grandma’s Pizza.” We hung out for a little bit waiting for our pizzas – it took a little while, but you really don’t mind because you are surrounded by great company and good times all around. When the pizzas did come out, they looked terrific. The regular pizza with pepperoni was crafted neatly, with the homemade crust …read more