North Carolina Pizza Crawl

I hit North Carolina a couple weeks ago to see some family and oddly enough they all wanted to take me to their local pizza shops! Who was I to argue? Here’s a rundown of where we went.

The first stop, which we hit immediately upon landing in Charlotte, wasn’t a pizzeria at all. I was invited to Johnson and Wales University by the great Peter Reinhart. If calling him “the great” doesn’t fully explain Peter’s majesty, allow me to explain. I first found out about Peter’s work through his book American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza. I then found out that he wrote THE seminal book about bread, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Now Peter teaches baking at JWU and runs the website Pizza Quest, for which I am proud to write the occasional guest column. Coincidentally, Peter was scheduled to give a lecture about pizza just a couple hours after my plane landed. Such luck! Not only did I get to attend his lecture, he also asked me to say a few words to his class. It was amazing to share the space with him. PLUS I got to watching him make some killer focaccia! Then we ate it. It was seriously so damn awesome.

Peter gave us some good tips (for pizza and fried chicken) but we were running out of time in Charlotte so decided to hit them on the way back through town.


The first proper pizzeria stop was Pi Squared in Hendersonville, NC. This was seriously the most recommended pizzeria in town by far. Everybody mentioned it. That made the decision pretty simple, so we headed over to this little shop to discover …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours