Amberdonia Bakery — Dickson City

5 Star Lightning Strikes Twice at Amberdonia

If you have been following my pizza reviews, you know that I don’t just hand out 5 star ratings to pizzerias. A four star rating means that I really really enjoyed the pizza and it’s excellent, but a 5 star rating is a little more rare because not only does the pizza have to be amazing, but the ingredients, craftsmanship, cooking, and value have to align perfectly as well. My first visit to Amberdonia Bakery in Dickson City netted a perfect review, whereas my visit to the Scranton location several years back netted a very good review, but not 5 stars, just to show you the level of perfection needed to achieve such a high rating. After enjoying the pizza, posting the review, and recommended the pizza to my listeners, I noticed a cool thing happened. Amberdonia used my 5 star rating in its television commercials, which was pretty cool early on in my pizza blogging career. When I returned this time to check out Amberdonia again, I noticed something even cooler – my review was memorialized on a very, very impressive plaque on the wall as soon as I walked in the door! Check out the photos, it’s pretty awesome! Love this place!

You can click either of the links above to see what the reviews were during my prior visits, so I won’t get too far into the details other than to say Amberdonia did a little remodeling since I was last there. Seating seems to be more ample and they have some pretty awesome custom rustic tables with their logo burned into them. The wood fired oven is still awesome to look at, and it still takes …read more