Review: Specially Selected Stone Baked Pizza – Spinach and Goat Cheese (ALDI)

Frozen pizza. It’s a go-to fun meal or snack for anyone short on funds or time. Most of us grew up enjoying frozen pies, even with the knowledge that it generally falls well short of the experience at our favorite pizzeria.

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Historically, frozen pizza was pretty bad stuff, no matter how much I loved the rectangular slices of Ellio’s in my youth. DiGiornoclaims that it was the originator of the rising-crust frozen pie more than twenty years ago, and that was a quantum leap forward for frozen pizza. For this blog, our standard for any pizzeria is when we ask “Is it better than DiGiorno?” Truthfully, a lot of the mass-sourced floppy pies sold across America are not.

After DiGiorno, the next leap forward (in my experience) took place with the imported Trader Giotto pizza in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s stores. Those pies are made in Italy, and the crust has both a flavor and texture that exceeds just about any other frozen pie.

Out of the box, before baking
Almost in the same league are frozen pizzas from the discount grocer ALDI, but only if the pies are imported from ALDI’s home base in Germany. Yes, the land of lager and lederhosen makes a better frozen pizza than the typical American version.

Out of the oven
We’ve reviewed ALDI’s frozen Mama Cozzi’s Capreseimported-from-Germany pizza before, and it was top-rank for frozen pizza. More recently, we found “Specially Selected” stone-baked pizza in the freezer case. Once I saw that it was made it Germany and on sale for just $2.29, I figured it to …read more

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