DaVinci Pizza – Scranton

The New DaVinci Downtown!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this pizzeria to open since I spotted a “DaVinci Pizza Coming Soon” sign in the window and snapped a photo on my instagram account way back in September 2016. After reading about DaVinci’s opening in a wonderful article in the Scranton Times by Patrice Wilding, I learned that the restaurant was finally open. After eating numerous slices at Sal’s over the years, I was interested to see what the place looked like after the many renovations discussed in the article. I won’t duplicate all of the details that are detailed out in the Scranton Times article, but I do encourage you to check it out because it is well written and informative. I will say that my family and friends used to eat at DaVinci’s in Lake Winola and always enjoyed their pizza back in the day so I was interested to see how the modern day pizza would compare to when I reviewed it back in 2012.

Sal’s, and now DaVinci’s has traditionally very much been a lunch spot for some time due to its downtown location and speedy service, but since I don’t work in downtown Scranton, I had to go in the evening, just after dinner hours. When I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly group of people who I presume were the owners. I felt like I was among friends after just a few seconds of smiles and multiple greetings. I selected a New York Style Cheese slice and a grandma slice to try out, and the gentleman behind the counter heated them up while I explored the rest of the place which definitely had a fresh new look that was much …read more