Elio G’s Pizza – Old Forge

The Little Pizza Shop With Big Taste

Elio G’s is a little pizzeria in Old Forge that I’ve gotten several email recommendations to try out in the last year. I have tried it before at a party here or there, but never got the chance to actually have it fresh and do a formal review so I was excited to have the chance to finally get there and give it a try. Elio G’s is just off the “Pizza Strip” (Main Ave) in Old Forge, and it’s an unassuming little pizza shop so it may not get as much publicity as some of the OF heavyweights, but it’s a small shop that does takeout only and tells you when you can pick up your pizza. I ordered a half tray of Old Forge Red around 5:15, and my pickup was scheduled for 6:30. This is a neat way of ordering that I’ve encountered at a few old school pizzerias before, such as Shandra’s in Pittston. Sensing this old school mentality, I figured I’d ask if they took credit/debit cards, and I’m glad I did because it is cash only.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly woman at the counter that told me the pizza would be ready in a few minutes and offered me a glass of wine while I was waiting. In all my years of pizza reviewing, I had never been offered a glass of wine! I accepted, and after I verified my pizza was already in the oven, I let her know that I was from NEPA Pizza Review, and we had a fun conversation with a couple loyal customers as well as the pizza maker who requested a shout-out for “Joey Pepperoni.” …read more