Nina’s 5 Star Veggie Pizza – Scranton

A Delicious Veggie Pizza?!

I get a lot of recommendations through email and my social media channels to try tons of pizzerias in NEPA. I wish I could teleport to each one and try them immediately as well as magically make all of the calories and carbs burn off immediately, but I’m not sure they make an app for that yet. If they do come up with this technology, please be sure to hit me up on Twitter! Anyway, I received a facebook message from a reliable source that a pizzeria I had never heard of, Nina’s Five Star Veggie Pizza in Scranton, was serving up great stuff. As I’ve learned, this is not to be confused with Nina’s Wings of the Wing Bite fame!

I happened to be in Scranton, so I figured I’d finally get over to give the pizza a try. The place was very easy to find just up Pittston Avenue near Andrew Brown’s Drug Store. On street parking was pretty ample, and on the way in I noticed an area that must serve as outside seating in the summer time. As I entered, I was pretty impressed as the place was very clean and elegantly presented. It was a simple layout, but they really made the most of the square footage. I was greeted by a very nice gentleman who also appeared to be the pizza maker and he took my order for a medium Neapolitan pizza. My model of trying cheese pizza to keep my reviews consistent and comparable didn’t lead me to actually try the veggie pizza that was suggested and appears on the restaurant’s sign, but the Neapolitan cheese pizza appeared at the top of the menu and …read more