Sizzle Pi – Kingston

Pi is 3.14, But Sizzle Pi is 5 Star!

In the course of reviewing pizzas for 5 years now, I have received many recommendations from hundreds of people. I have a few select people that I know personally and on social media whose recommendations I have grown to trust, and many of those people have repeatedly told me to try Sizzle Pi in Kingston. Quite frankly, there are only a handful of “must try bucket list” pizzas left in NEPA that are left for me based solely on the recommendations I have received over time and Sizzle Pi was one of them. Living quite a distance from Kingston, it’s been a challenge for me to get there, but after having an appointment in town, I made it a point to finally stop in and give this highly regarded, yet little known pizzeria a try.

I set my GPS to take me there and when google told me my destination was on the right, I couldn’t believe that the building I was about to enter was a pizzeria! It was a neat little building that resembled a boardwalk surf shop or an old-time Long John Silvers, but the “Sizzle Pi” signage told me i was at the right place so I parked and entered. The interior matched the exterior with the throwback vibe which was so cool. Looking around, there were two small dining areas with about 8-12 booths and it looked nothing like a pizzeria which was quite possibly the most awesome thing about the experience (so far). I stepped up to the counter to place my order and I grabbed 8 “cuts” and an old school fountain lemonade just because I got caught up in the pink liquid mixing in the machine …read more