What is Pagash Pizza and Where to Find it in NEPA

Where to Find the Best Pagash Pizza in NEPA

If you are a NEPA resident, or have ever lived in NEPA chances are you have heard of Pagash Pizza. If you haven’t heard it called this, you might know it by “pierogi pizza” or “potato pizza” as well. This pizza is very popular in Northeast Pennsylvania due to large Polish and Catholic populations combined with a hefty number of pizzerias in the 570. During the Lenten season, many Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays and sometimes not at all, so many pizzerias have created a meatless menu item that has been around for years, but continues to grow in popularity in the area. The concept seems pretty simple, pizza crust, potatoes, and cheese but the types of Pagash made in NEPA is quite diverse. Some are round, some are square. Some have a single crust, some have double. Some are topped with onions, some have onions chopped up and mixed in, and some don’t even include onions. Some Pagash look like giant stromboli filled with potato and other gooey goodness.

Every year I get inundated with tweets, messages and emails asking me where can you find this potato pizza? I can’t say that I’ve eaten a ton of Pagash in my day as I tend to review mostly cheese pizzas with sauce on them, so instead of going into a carb coma to compile a list of pizzerias who serve the stuff, I crowdsourced the list to the NEPA Nation through my facebook page. The suggestions rolled in quickly! Here is a comprehensive list of places where you can find Pagash Pizza during lent. If you know of more or are a pizzeria owner that wants to be …read more