1860 Mention for Pizza in British Newspaper

I was digging a bit about early pizza mentions this morning (I keep a spreadsheet) and came across this on a blog called Skittish Library. Estelle, the keeper of the blog, posted it after reading about the New York Times not mentioning pizza until 1944 (more on that here). Estelle didn’t mention the specific newspaper source for this clip but claims it’s from 1860. Very cool info in this blurb in terms of reference points for how pizza was eaten back in the day!

The takeaways…

1. Pizza is described as being a late night food (only eaten between sunset and 3am)
2. Described with tomato added AFTER the cheese
3. Bake time quoted at 5 minutes, much longer than contemporary Neapolitan pizza
4. Described as being crispy, which is also unlike contemporary Neapolitan pizza
5. Pizza is eaten by people from all walks of life, rich and poor. It is a “social leveler.”
6. Pizzerias are filthy

All very cool info. I’m still waiting to verify this source and date so will update as necessary. The print looks too neat to be this old, but maybe British printers were just way better than their American counterparts. I’m no expert on type so that could just be my skeptical nature second guessing the year of origin here.

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Source:: Scott Pizza Tours