Review: Revello’s Pizza, Old Forge PA

After living in southeastern Pennsylvania for 30 years, I’ve finally made the 2.5 hour journey up the northeast extension of the PA Turnpike to try NEPA (northeastern PA) style pizza. Any such trek has to begin in Old Forge, the self-proclaimed “Pizza Capital of the World.”

The good news for the folks in and around this tidy burg of 8,000 residents is that NEPA/Old Forge style is getting some national attention. I’ve neglected the journey to NEPA for a long time because, frankly, this kind of pizza doesn’t photograph well. Old Forge pie is pan-baked in rectangles, sold whole as a “tray” or in slices by the “cut.” In most pictures, it looks like woefully undercooked Sicilian-style pizza, topped with a ghostly white cheese.

Main Street in Old Forge is lined with Italian restaurants and pizza joints, and there are several more on the side streets. Census stats say that more than 40% of Old Forge residents have Italian roots, so perhaps that ties in to the ratio of pizzerias to the population. I started with the two rivals who are within a block of each and are the best-known: Arcaro & Genell, and Revello’s. You might think of them like you think of the New Haven pizza rivals, Sally’s and Frank Pepe’s.

I stopped into Revello’s around 3:30pm on a Saturday. This large and cheery space was empty, but I was greeted warmly and seated promptly. The decor is kind of 1960s retro, a good setting for a place that opened its doors in 1967.

Most Old Forge pizzerias offer two basic styles of pizza. The red pie is a conventional rectangular pizza with red sauce, topped with mild white cheese that could be …read more

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