Dino’s Italian Restaurant – Wilkes-Barre

Over the years, I have struggled to find great “mall pizza” because it’s usually pretty cookie-cutter stuff that has your standard thin crust, a semi-sweet sauce, and a salty cheese all packed on a par-baked pizza that has been sitting on the counter ready for you to select for the counter person to stick back in the oven for reheating. If done properly with fresh pizzas, quality ingredients, and a thorough reheat, this method can produce some very tasty and crispy results that really satisfy. Check out Rosario’s, Armenti’s, and Basilico’s, who are the masters of these methods. I have received some scattered suggestions to give “The Good Dino’s” in the Wyoming Valley Mall a try over the past few years and I was finally in town so I decided to swing in for a quick stop. If you aren’t up to speed on pizza in the WV Mall, there are actually 2 pizzerias named Dino’s, owned by different people. I reviewed the Dino’s in the food court several years ago with subpar results, so I was hoping the other Dino’s (by JC Penny entrance) would be a little better.

After walking in, I noted there is a distinct difference between the two, because this Dino’s is its own stand-alone restaurant in the mall, as opposed to a food counter in the food court. The layout was pretty typical of your mall pizzeria, long counter with glass displaying several varieties of pizza. They all looked pretty decent, including the buffalo chicken pizza which came highly recommended. I passed on the buffalo because the first lady and I were on our way to dinner elsewhere and didn’t want to fill up. My wife …read more