7 Reasons Your Pizzeria Must Be On Instagram

Photo Credit: AK Pizza Crust

7 Reasons Your Pizzeria Must Be on Instagram

Ok, so chances are if you are a pizzeria owner, you are a super busy person who has very little time to post things online. Some pizzerias are social media moguls who post several times per day on various outlets. They have thousands of followers and can drive traffic to their social networks and into their restaurants with a few taps of their cell phone (or a call to their social media manager!). Based on my extensive research of viewing hundreds and hundreds of pizzeria social media pages, most pizzerias do not fall into this category. Many places have a facebook page that is updated a couple times a month, and that’s about it. Some don’t even have facebook pages, but those who do use facebook likely use it because of the familiarity with their personal facebook account and comfort level using the social media outlet. Some don’t even use social media at all, which really is a missed opportunity to open their restaurants to new customers who would not otherwise be aware of their establishment. Some probably throw their hands up and give up on facebook because they don’t see results, or their following doesn’t grow fast enough. Using facebook for business is a challenge, and it’s only getting more difficult because your posts become filtered from people’s timelines and frequently fall behind, cat photos, baby pics, quick video recipes, and fake news! There is an easier way and that is a little app called Instagram!

Instagram has been around for a while and it is as hot as ever and is so much easier to use than facebook. The premise is built around snapping pics …read more