Brunetti’s Pizza – Scranton

Photo Credit: Brunetti’s Pizza Facebook Page

Brunetti’s – Unique Pizza and a Family Affair

I have heard about Brunetti’s Pizza several times over the years, but the place really caught my eye when I saw a facebook post showing a Shamrock Pizza that they had made in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve been helping to spread the word about heart-shaped pizzas in NEPA, but have never seen a shamrock pie before so this was pretty cool! This excitement, combined with a planned trip to Scranton made me drag the family on yet another pizza review which I’m pretty sure they joined in on this review. We found the place easy enough, a large building on the corner which we parked on the street. We weren’t sure how to get into the place, because the entrance facing the street appeared to be a deli/convenience store so we walked around back where we found some stairs and a door, which took us to exactly the same place that the front door would have taken us! The layout is pretty unique and so is the whole restaurant, and that is what makes this place so awesome.

We found ourselves a cozy booth to saddle up in, and we quickly noticed that it didn’t matter what table people sat at – everybody talked with everybody. The owners were out and about talking to everyone and it was such a fun, friendly, family environment. This was truly the essence of the family-owned small businesses I seek to find and promote here in NEPA. We weren’t sure if there was table service or how we ordered until I spotted a window in the corner of the dining room that said “Order Here.” I walked over, …read more