Review: Pizza Perfect, Trucksville PA

After a Saturday afternoon trek through the tidy town of Old Forge PA to sample three different pizzas there, I made a stop at Pizza Perfect (in Trucksville, near Wilkes-Barre) on my way home.

A cut of red Sicilian at Pizza Perfect, Trucksville PA

Like the Old Forge pizzas and much of the pies here in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA), the Pizza Perfect pies are pan-baked square rectangles that the locals call a “tray” and each slice is known as a “cut.”

I targeted Pizza Perfect because a colleague raised in Hazelton recommended it, and it is one of the well-known spots for “fried” trays of pizza. As I understand it, “fried” simply means that there is a surplus of oil under the crust to give it a decadent crispy crunch.

Happy people inside Pizza Perfect, early Saturday evening in March

The building has a bit of a bowling alley look from the outside. On the inside, it is big, somehow cozy, and bustling with happy groups of pizza eaters. It looked like a great place to come with friends or family and enjoy a sit-down meal, but my time budget and nearly-full stomach permitted just a single slice.

At a service counter near the back, I ordered a simple red “Sicilian style” slice for $1.30. It came out in just minutes, a medium sized cut in its own small box. I took it outside to my car, snapped a few pics, and tore in.

The first sensation was a prominent onion aroma and flavor in the sauce; that’s a good thing if you love onions as I do. The red sauce was very tasty overall, even though it was …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote