Happy Valley Sports Bar – Dickson City

Happy Valley Sports Bar is a really cool place that I’ve been to a couple of times. It’s been open for close to 2 years now and there’s a reason why I’ve been back, because they have an awesome bar area with a ton of huge TV’s and the food is very good. It was time to watch a little March Madness and I asked a friend where we could catch a game and try a pizza that I haven’t reviewed yet. He recommended Happy Valley, so I hopped in the pizza mobile and met a few friends there. I cursed myself as I was walking in because I forgot to charge my phone the night before and I was almost dead and I needed my phone to photograph the pizza! I found I was in luck when I spotted my friend at the bar with a white wire coming from beneath charging his phone up. I took a look and noticed they had these really cool charging outlets under the counter so I ran to the car and got my cable to juice up the pizza phone!

I always appreciate how clean the place is every time. It’s such a friendly, casual, and relaxing atmosphere that draws friendly people that all seem to know one another. The service has been speedy and courteous each time I’ve visited and the food is remarkably good and consistent. I’ve sampled the wings and a few appetizers there which were very good, but today it was time to try the pizza. HV sells personal pizzas which is made with fresh, hand tossed dough and topped with their special blend of cheeses. I ordered up a cheese pizza, affectionately known as …read more