“Pizza” In A Taipei Night Market


While strolling through Raohe Street Night Market on a recent trip to Taipei, I came across something completely unexpected. No — it wasn’t an obscure animal part or something similarly grotesque. It was a stand serving something that resembled pizza.

After doing some digging around, I was able to track down a Facebook page for the vendor (幸花明太子起司烤餅 總部) which loosely (emphasis on “loosely” here) translates to: Fortunately Flower Mentaiko Cheese Scones. And here is the description of the cart (again, translated via Google):

“Fortunately Flower Mentaiko Cheese Scones from Kyushu capsules happiness, fragrant and pull wire mash homemade cheese sauce with roe grainy, plus grilled very crispy crust handmade, multi-level allow people to taste that aftertaste!

So for the purposes of this review, let’s refer to this vendor simply as “Fortunately Flower.”

What initially caught my eye was the image of a pizza on the top of this cart. There was no English anywhere to be seen, except on one sign: Chili, Seaweed, Bonito, Garlic and Regular were options for whatever it was that was being served at this stand.

As I watched the vendor prepare the food at his stall, I gave some thought to a question which I have addressed many times on this blog: what exactly is pizza? The more I watched Fortunately Flower, the more convinced I was that he was serving something that could be classified as pizza. Let’s go through this.

First, the vendor took at what resembled a tortilla wrap and spread some kind of mayo-like sauce on it. The wrap = the crust. The mayo = the sauce. Look, it wasn’t fresh dough here. But who said that pizza dough needs to rise? Honestly… the “crust” was more like what you’d find on a quesadilla. But stick with me here…

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Source:: I Dream of Pizza