Review: Giuseppina’s Pizza, Brooklyn NY

Marc Iacono is the famously erratic chef behind the iconic celebrity-magnet pizzeria in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood. I once attempted to get that pizza – so prized by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – but found it closed during hours when it should have been opened. Iacono has been in a knife fight outside his restaurant with a mob-connected felon; more recently, he closed his Brooklyn Lucali temporarily to open a Miami outpost.

For a recent journey to Queens from Pennsylvania, I scouted out the pizza joints I might stop at in Staten Island or Brooklyn. Several intriguing options, but then I saw that Marc Iacono’s brother and former Lucali pizzaiolo Chris Iacono had opened his own pizza and calzone place in South Slope, Giuseppina’s. Reports are that the pizza is more or less identical to those at Lucali, but without the long lines and random closings.

We arrived in early afternoon on a Saturday, after the normal lunch hour but ahead of dinner time. There were only a few other patrons in this warm and cozy setting, so we were quickly seated and placed an order.

Taking guidance from the reliable SeriousEats website, we ordered a red pizza with all-beef pepperoni. Giuseppina’s offers garlic and fresh basil as no-charge additions, so why not?

The pies bake in a large brickface oven; I could see both burning wood and a gas flame working inside the hybrid oven. We ordered a beer (bottles only) and an excellent “Manhattan Special” espresso soda. We could see the pizzaiolo in the open kitchen space with the oven behind him, and our pizza was soon ready.

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Source:: Pizza Quixote