Nina’s – South Abington

When Nina’s came to the Abingtons, I was super excited because I have long enjoyed their wing bites and supersized hoagies at their other locations. The newest location is in the former Thick and Thin Pizza building next to Monroe Muffler and JJ Bridges. They’ve been in business in Clarks Summit for about a year now and I’ve paid quite a few visits both via takeout and delivery. I have to say, the wing bites and hoagies are still my favorites, but the pizza is definitely worth a try as well. This location only offers takeout and delivery, unless it’s summer time when they set up a few outdoor tables.

The place is pretty clean and simple, and so is their strategy: buy local, make it fresh, and make it to order every time. Their menu reinforces this by asking customers to please be patient because they make everything to order. Nina’s takes social media by storm, frequently having giveaways and specials for customers such as “Bite Ball” and customer appreciation day which includes ridiculously low prices on their famous wing bites. There’s no better feeling leaving work knowing I don’t have to cook dinner and the whole family is going to have wing bites for next to nothing!

So anyway, back to the pizza – Nina’s serves both a round and a square pizza. The round is …read more