Product Review: Phillips Airfryer

I Traded My Oil-Filled Deep Fryer for an AirFryer and This Happened!

I first heard about an airfryer about a year and a half ago from a friend who had gotten one for her husband and said that he really liked it and it worked really well. She told me that food came out crispy and it was awesome for cooking french fries and chicken wings. I could not wrap my head around how something that did not use oil could crisp up a chicken wing. Have you ever tried to bake wings? They certainly aren’t crispy, they are just tiny baked chickens! How do french fries become perfectly crispy when they are frozen and touching each other like worms in the basket?! All of this didn’t make sense to me so I never bought one, until my wonderful wife, or the first lady of NEPA pizza got me the Phillips Airfryer for Christmas. I opened it up and was very excited, but still highly skeptical of this mystery appliance which I’ve heard about but didn’t necessarily believe in.

I opened it up and I was amazed at how simple the whole thing was. Just a boxy airfryer about the size of a keurig coffee maker with a removable basket and a two dials – one to set the cooking time and one to set the temperature. The instructions included a handy time/temp guide, but I decided to wing it (no pun intended) and toss in some french fries to give this a try. Although adding a little oil is optional, I did not add any to the fries. I set the timer for about 8 minutes and shook the basket every 2 or 3 minutes, and …read more